Mitch Bach

Co-Founder/CEO of TripSchool and Campfire Learning Platform. Author, speaker, former international tour operator, composer and philosophy professor.

Hi, I'm Mitch.

’m the CEO of TripSchool, a company that offers training programs in the travel industry. I’ve also written guidebooks, and organize specialty trips for groups around the world. I also speak at companies and conferences on a variety of travel-related topics. Below you’ll find descriptions of what I get up to.

What I'm up to

I work in the travel and techhnology spaces.


TripSchool is a training company focusing on training tour guides and entrepreneurs interested in starting their own tour business or travel enterprise.


I’ve written four city guidebooks, available through TripSchool Press. They’re geared towards helping tour guides (and anyone in the travel industry) get up to speed quickly on learning only the most interesting stories, trivia and fun facts that groups want to hear.


Campfire is an open social learning platform for the travel industry, combining community, and innovative cohort-base e-learning and other training resources.


I speak at travel conferences, company events, and professional organizations. Topics include crafting narratives when communicating to groups, creating exceptional experiences for group travel, and engaging effectively with students.